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Saturday, 17 February 2018

SQLBits 2018 The Magic of Data

It is nearly time for the 2018 edition of SQLBits. The four day conference is at Olympia, London. It is the leading data professional conference in Europe. It offers the op3portunity to learn, network, develop and share your data knowledge. There is a great shift in the provision of data management allowing operational and predictive insight and embedded AI on any platform. This conference offers attendees the chance to experience new paradigms and to access an array data related events.  
  •          4 days of world class training
  •         Over 170 specialist sessions
  •          More than 10 hours of best practice sharing with your peers
  •          Networking events with the Microsoft Product Group
  •          Introductions to software vendors and consultants
  •          The infamous SQLBits Party
The conference has grown from strength to strength over the years and it is privilege to be a conference helper for an 8th year.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Introduction to Splunk for operational intelligence

Machine data is everywhere. Machine data is digital information created by computers, mobile phones, embedded systems, sensors and other networked devices. The data types:

Machine data can intersect with and improve human lives. A summary is in this video

Splunk, a software platform, has the capability to leverage machine data for data management and analytics.  It can be used for

  • Data driven decision making
  • Alerts for network security threats
  • Report on system failures
  • Analyse and improve functionality

It enables performance analysis, dashboard creation, monitoring, troubleshooting and investigation of the real-time data collected. A Edureka learning video showed the Splunk components.  

and an overview of Splunk.

The very useful Splunk free fundamentals 1 course is a self paced learning course covering search, navigation, use of fields, statistics, reports, dashboards and alerts.