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Monday 28 January 2013

Database Research Groups

With carrying out my own database research wanted to find out how many database research groups exist. I have found that quite a large number of database research groups worldwide exist. 

A few of the ones I have discovered are 

European database research groups

The group is to increase the usefulness of database systems to users by creating, extending, and applying database technology. They are located in Redmond, Washington, which is in the greater Seattle area.

The Microsoft Jim Gray Systems Lab is a collaborative effort between Microsoft and the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that started in March 2008.

They have been conducting database related research for almost 30 years

Berkeley has led database systems research for over a quarter century. Their research covers new challenges in data management, as well as data-centric approaches to diverse areas including distributed systems, programming languages, statistical computation, human computing and interaction, and technology for developing regions.

The University of Washington's database group aims at broadening the focus of database and data management techniques beyond their traditional scope.  They do both theoretical and systems work in areas such as probabilistic databases, stream processing, sensor-based monitoring, databases and the web, XML, data management for ubiquitous computing, data integration, and data mining. 


Monday 21 January 2013

Database Management Survey 2013 Update

The 2013 Database Management Survey is still open for responses. It will be closing at the end of January. There has been a good response to the survey to date from a wide range of countries, job roles, database engines and sectors.  

Currently 36 countries are represented in the responses. It would be good to have some responses from Finland, Iceland and Greenland to complete all Nordic countries and France, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein to complete European countries. Other countries notably absent in the respondents are Mexico, China and Japan. 

The industry sectors that are not as well represented so far are aerospace & defence and telecommunications.

The database applications used are mostly SQL Server related with a third of them relating to Oracle. A number of NoSQL and New SQL application users have replied but there are many new database applications that are not yet represented.  

I must thank every one who has been so kind to complete the survey and would still be most grateful to receive as many replies as possible over the final period of the survey. 

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Database Management Survey 2013

As part of my PhD with the Open University I am currently undertaking an independent database survey . My research investigates the current practices and procedures that are used and examines the complexities of managing database systems. 

I have responses coming in across the database industry from people who use various different engines including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, CouchDb, Hadoop etc.

My Database Management Survey is at http://svy.mk/UcaxDm and is for database administrators, data professional to complete.  It is a comprehensive survey that maps the end to end lifecycle for managing database systems across the current systems of on premises, cloud, differing databases engines, virtualization and big data.

Please spend 15 minutes of your time to help the database industry and try to complete the full survey. There are no prizes for helping, just the satisfaction that you have helped the database community as a whole and of course my gratitude.

Don’t be left out and have your say in this independent PhD research survey.

Can a survey be saved halfway and finished later?
Survey Monkey says, yes, the system allows respondents to leave the survey and resume it later. However, this functionality is dependent on the settings you create for the collector.
The system saves responses through either a cookie or by the actual survey link. In either case, the [Next] button on a page or the [Done] button at the end of the survey must be clicked to save the page(s) of answers.