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Wednesday 12 January 2011

SQL Bits session submission

Jen Stirrup and I have submitted a joint presentation for SQLBits - Beside the seaside for the community to vote on.

The Illusion of Communication: Good service made visual

How can DBAs improve the quality and delivery of service to their customers? Standardisation, best practice paradigms and methodology can be used to improve the quality of service provided to the customer. However, unless these achievements are conveyed effectively to the customer, how is the customer going to know what you've been working hard to deliver? Dashboards and reports are the main way in which service information is communicated to customers. However, if the key message is distorted, then the customer won't understand properly - or even be actively misled.

This session takes a look at the historic development of databases systems, challenges, key turning points and definitions of what is a DBA. This is then followed by an overview of standardisation, the application of best practice paradigms, methodology and processes. Key guidelines around dashboard design with an application to service level information will be provided, along with demonstrations of these key design features in SSRS.

George Bernard Shaw once commented that 'The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.' This session aims to help you to review your dashboards and reports, so that your efforts are communicated visually and effectively.

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Central Management Server

This is a server which contains a central repository of sql servers which can be grouped in various ways. These could be grouped into customers, versions (2008, 2005) or state (Development, Staging, Production).

This group can be used to connect to SQL Server configuration manager, to run queries, object explorer or to evaluate policies for policy based management.

To create a central management server this can done through Registered Servers on the view menu. For more details

The Central Management Server only works in one windows domain, so if there are multiple domains that require to be managed there will need to be multiple Central Management Servers.