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Monday 12 December 2011

Send Victoria Holt to Space

DBA in Space Last Day of Voting

It has reached the last day of voting for the Redgate DBAinSpace competition. I have to say it has been  quite a busy week trying every way possbile to promote yourself, Redgate and get votes. I have to say a major thanks to my brother Roger Holt for his determination and persistance with trying to get votes over the last week. It has been a fun experience and for everyone at work, it meant they got a whole week of me not talking about SQL. Voting still possible till 12 tomorrow  https://dbainspace.com/finalists/victoria-holt

You will find me also at 

DBA in Space Finalist Victoria Holt
The home of great sql server articles

DBA in Space video

Make it Count

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Open University

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine

SQL Server Community
Help with the local user groups in the region  tweeting
SQLServerClub in Bristol http://www.sqlserverclub.co.uk/ and
Avon Information Management Group in Bath http://avonim.wordpress.com/

Once upon a time ..


Once upon a time there was a DBA who through the years aspired to learn, to live, to breath, the universe of the DBA. There was excitement and thrills to watch the database space expand. To breathe new life into a field that hadn't changed that much over the last 30 years. The tools required to manage such an ever expanding set of data need to evolve and expand with agility to match the rapid growth of data which IDC say would be a hypothetical stack of DVDs that will reach halfway to Mars.  To see the Red planet, Redgate would be proud. The complexities of data management and chaotic changes to the type of data, creates a new universe. A data universe where both structured and unstructured data collide.

The DBA travelled around to explore those strange, new worlds. And sought out new data life and new data civilizations. To follow her name into space to ensure the data sent to space is archived. Please vote for Victoria Holt in the DBAinSpace competition that Redgate are running. To experience a once in a life opportunity this DBA would treasure for the rest of her known life. To Vote  https://www.dbainspace.com/finalists 

An extraordinary competition  for an out of this world experience for the DBA to collect more data.

Merry Christmas to all.

Saturday 10 December 2011

DBA in Empty Space

Vote to launch me into space to start DBA cloud services in space.

Articles listed

These are links where you can currently see details about the DBA in Space Redgate competition.

Vote our DBA into space! 
Promotion from My Company

Short url:  http://bit.ly/vBNb0v

Interplanetary and Space Affairs
This group is managed by volunteers from the The British Interplanetary Society (BIS). The society is devoted to initiating, promoting and disseminating new concepts and technical information about space flight and astronautics.  Messages/boards
Short url: http://bit.ly/vmpeQj

Rocketeers DBA in Space
Rocketeers is a journal documenting an interest in commercial spaceflight ("NewSpace"), particularly in the growing number of British firms involved in this fascinating area of technology. UK software company Redgate funds space flight competition. Forum Entry
Short url: http://bit.ly/sAqaxN

Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI)
The Bath Literary and Scientific Institution was founded in 1824, but was a direct descendant of Bath societies going back to the 1770s. The Educational Charity promotes science, philosophy, the arts and current affairs and has been kind enough to support my endevours by adding details to their weekly newsletter.

Friday 9 December 2011

DBAinSpace Launch me into Space

This is the video of my bid to be launched into space on the Space Adventures suborbital flight with the competition from Redgate.

VOTE NOW   https://www.dbainspace.com/finalists

Hi, I’m a Senior DBA specialising in SQL Server. I’m very passionate about data and databases. I’m already very excited about the launch of SQL Server 2012 next year, seeing how cloud database services bring agility and elasticity and watching to see how the 2 universes of structured and unstructured data collide.

My name was sent to the moon on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbitar and is on route to Mars with NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory rover which was launched the other week.

The Redgate DBA in Space competition is an astronomical chance of a lifetime.  Please send me into space.

Exploration of Data - a Poem

When I was young, man stepped onto the moon
To view such a sight without StreamInsight
Brought meteors, stars and the sun

These spatial discoveries, fuelled man’s quest for flight
To question the data, to which we rely

So what’s to be left but to take into space,
The future, the passionate,the excited DBA.

Please send DBA Victoria Holt into space. https://www.dbainspace.com/finalists

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Day 3 DBA in Space Race

Today an article was published in the Bath Chronicle entitled Victoria needs votes to win her own space race. The article is

or below

Spoke to Breeze Radio in Bath http://bath.thebreeze.com with an interview about my bid to go into space. Details to follow on their website.

To vote to send me into space with Redgate's competition go to  https://www.dbainspace.com/finalists

DBA in Space a Spatial event

Day 2 of voting for the DBA in Space competition. Please vote to say that I can go into space. The DBA with the most votes will win the astronomical prize.


My name has been sent to the moon on the lunar reconnaissance orbiter and to mars on the NASA science laboratory rover so to complete the trio to boldly go where no other database geek has gone before would be astronomical. Thanks #RedGate


Space the final frontier to explore new database worlds to seek out new tools #RedGate, new sql civilizations, to go where no dba has been.

The finalists are listed here  https://www.dbainspace.com/finalists

Tuesday 6 December 2011

DBA in Space Finalist

Red Gate Software has teamed up with Space Adventures to offer one lucky DBA a ticket into space. The Space Adventures flight takes you into suborbital space, 10 times higher than commercial aircraft, and a third of the way to the International Space Station.

Regate " think DBAs, the exceptional individuals who manage the smooth running of our planet's data supply, have been under-appreciated for too long. That's why we're holding DBA in Space. DBAs deserve better. Better recognition, better software tooling, better prizes." www.dbainspace.com

My brother Roger's passion for space exploration and his membership of the British Interplanetary Society has been my inspiration for all things space related. 

Voting is open to the public and you can vote once a day for the week that voting is open. Please vote for me.

SQLBits 9 Photo taken by Tobiasz J Koprowski
My 100 word short Biography
I am a senior certified MCITP Database Administrator at Eduserv . I am very passionate about data and databases. I have experience of managing a large SQL Server Estate throughout the database lifecycle. With the database landscape continually changing I proactively look at ways to improve the management of SQL Server.  Currently looking at: the adoption of SQL Server 2012, database infrastructure for the cloud (DBaaS) and architectural designs for relational and BI platforms.   Out of work activities include: part time research for a Phd for improving database management systems and involvement with the SQL community through SQLBits.

 I need the most votes to go into space.  https://www.dbainspace.com