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Friday 26 May 2017

Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour '17

I attended the Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour on 25 May at the Live Room, Twickenham Stadium presented by Scott Gutherie. The day was packed with an end to end view of Azure showing how the technology can be used, to business advantage, to build the next generation applications. They also show cased the announcements from the Microsoft Build Conference, the week before. The after lunch session went through Azure tips and tricks to help get the most out of the platform.

It was an amazing day full of new technology. My favourite new service has to be Azure Cosmos Database, 4 data models in 1.

Data Amp Reading

I will be attending the UK launch of SQL Server 2017 on 31 May 2017 at Reading. The agenda looks interesting covering details of how to innovate and transform your business. The Microsoft’s Data Platform topics include:

  • Azure Data Services 
  • Business Analytics
  • SQL Server including Linux support in SQL Server v.Next

The aims of the event are to help enable :

  • optimisation of a data strategy from on-premises to cloud
  • modernise to the latest mission critical on-premises and cloud solutions
  • build intelligent applications using Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • transform the landscape of data technology, so that you can make the right decisions
  • learn how to transform using advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • amplify the impact by building apps that matter with unmatched performance and security 

Sunday 21 May 2017

Azure SQLDB Managed Instance and Database Migration Service

There are 2 services in preview at the moment Azure SQLDB Managed Instance and Database Migration Service. Both these services seem very useful for moving to the cloud.

They enable migration of a fleet of SQL Server databases without application re-architecture to the cloud.

Azure SQLDB Managed Instance provides security isolation with Azure Virtual Network, along with built-in HADR, built-in intelligent performance tuning, and intelligent security services that are already available in Azure SQL Database. No public endpoint is required.

Databases up to 35TB can be migrated.

It can be set up with a simple restore of native databases or log shipping using Azure Database Migration Service

Azure SQLDB Managed Instance provides SQL Server application compatibility including items such as commonly used cross database references using three-part names, CLR and R Services, DB Mail, SQL Agent, Transactional Replication, Change Data Capture and Service Broker.

Thursday 11 May 2017

Azure managed database services extended

There were several developer announcements at the Microsoft Build conference for Azure data and cloud services to speed up modernization. Microsoft has now extended Azure managed database services with the introduction of MySQL and PostgreSQL.

This gives developers expanded choice and flexibility. 

More details of the announcements can be read below.

Top 10 reasons Day 1 of Build excited developers and Cortana, too 

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Azure Cosmos DB

Another database annoucment today from Microsoft. The first globally distributed, multi-model database service. Microsoft describe Azure Cosmos DB as containing a write optimized, resource governed, schema-agnostic database engine that natively supports multiple data models: key-value, documents, graphs, and columnar.

Azure Cosmos DB is an evolutionary leap for DocumentDB which states it contains APIs for accessing data including MongoDB, DocumentDB SQL, Gremlin (preview), and Azure Tables (preview).

Azure Cosmos DB contains a write optimized, resource governed, schema-agnostic database engine that natively supports multiple data models: key-value, documents, graphs, and columnar. 

The Key Capabilities
  • Turnkey global distribution
  • Multiple data models and popular APIs for accessing and querying data
  • Elastically scale throughput and storage on demand, worldwide
  • Build highly responsive and mission-critical applications
  • Ensure "always on" availability
  • Write globally distributed applications, the right way
  • Money back guarantees
  • No database schema/index management
  • Low cost of ownership

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Insights on SQLBits

If I could pick 4 words that sum up SQLBits it would be: 

Data. Inspire. Community. European

The Conference

SQLBits is the largest SQL Server event in Europe. It is run by volunteers in the community and SQL Server enthusiasts.  The event has grown over the years and is now a 4 day event.
  • Wednesday pre-con training day
  • Thursday pre-con training day followed by a pub quiz
  • Friday is deep dive session day concluding with the conference fancy dress party
  • Saturday is the free community day event.
The Days
Every day is packed full of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure content in all forms. SQLBits now covers content from database management, development, data management, business intelligence and data science. In true tradition, the community gets the chance to vote for the huge variety of sessions.  There is also the chance to attend some sessions on professional development as well.

The Announcement
Every year there is excitement to find out the dates of the event, the location of the event and the theme of the event.

The People
There is the opportunity to meet some of the brilliant minds in the field and to be dazzled by the continual suite of innovative changes. There are a variety of speakers from Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) to new speakers from the SQL community. There are also the conference helpers who enjoy helping make the conference a success. 

The Community
There is always the hustle and bustle of the attendees in the sponsor hall. The sponsors of the event provide crucial funding for the conference and showcase their latest products and services. Then there are the attendees who come to learn, be motivated and network.

The Theme
Every event has a theme. Some of the themes have ranged from James Bond, Robin Hood, Steampunk, Superheroes, Space to Disco. 

The Event
This year, the event returned to Telford near the birthplace of the industrial revolution. This is quite fitting with 2017 being the year of the algorithm, providing the intelligence revolution.

Monday 1 May 2017

Interesting blog posts of the last month

These are a few blog posts I read last month which i found quiet interesting.

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Deep Learning

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