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Monday 15 August 2022

DAMA-DMBOK2, DCAM and TOGAF methodologies


I came across this article giving a comparison between what is included in DAMA-DMBOK2, DCAM and TOGAF methodologies. I mentioned the core framework elements here. The most used data models by the industry are DAMA-DMBOK2 by the DAMA International and DCAM® 2.2 by the EDM Council.

No one model covers all areas and no one company is the same and it is very common that different bits are used as and when required. It is worth reading the discussion in the blog. 

Wednesday 10 August 2022

2022 Data Platform Microsoft MVP Award


Excited to receive my 5th MVP award kit containing my 5th disk to go on my MVP Crystal Award.

I am also looking forward to receiving my 5 years milestone disk as an MVP in a few weeks as well. Working with community events enabling others to get access to free training and helping others learn is so important. Here is to the next year and seeing what exciting things we can make happen.