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Saturday 29 June 2024

Data Toboggan Cool Runnings 2024 - Microsoft Purview and Responsible AI

I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at Data Toboggan Cool Runnings on Saturday 13 July 2024.  

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For those of you who don't know Data Toboggan is conference covering Microsoft Fabric, Synapse, Data Engineering, Data warehousing, and Analysis.  Microsoft Purview is an integral part of Microsoft Fabric and the data sets the scene for AI and generative AI to proceed. This session covers where we are with legislation and tools, why good data quality is a must for AI, how responsible AI fits and how to get started. 

Data Governance and Responsible AI, and the embellishment of AI within Microsoft Purview aid and prepare business for using AI. Moving forward I believe that combining the use of both Data Governance and Responsible AI into one actionable framework that  it will bring immediate rewards to every business use case.

Hope you can join me on 13 July 2024  8:00 - 20:00 UK Time online

The Growth of Microsoft Purview

What is Microsoft Purview is a question I often get asked. The answer is never what people expect. Over the last couple of years the Microsoft Purview solution has been growing in capability with many different applications being brought together under one umbrella term, Microsoft Purview. It is now described as having three areas.

  • Data security for information and cybersecurity teams 
  • Data governance for data consumers data engineers and data officers
  • Risk and compliance for risk compliance and legal teams

When we talk about Microsoft Purview it helps to know what the business problem is to identify which areas of the product are required.

I put together a diagram to help map out all the applications to date. In the diagram  it is clear to see the extent of the applications that Microsoft have brought together and added over the last year, to the suite of tools. The documentation refers to the 3 high level areas Risk and Compliance (shown in blue), Data Governance (shown in purple) and Security (shown in orange and green).  I have depicted the AI hub in green rather than orange, because it covers a different conceptual area of Responsible AI and that compliance protection for generative AI apps.

When I talk about data governance I am looking at apps such as data state health, roles and responsibilities for the data estate, the data catalogue, classification, lineage, all the new business domain areas such as a business glossary and the really new data quality set of tools to control and monitor quality and the health of the data. 

Thus, the new reimaged Microsoft Purview experience provides a holistic view of your data and enables better automated data management. 

Sunday 23 June 2024

Data Toboggan Cool Runnings

We are excited to have our next event coming up on 13th July 2024. This will be the biggest event yet with 3 full tracks of sessions and we are grateful to all the speakers who give up there time to help the community learn and grow.  The event will have all the latest and greatest technical discissions.  We hope you can join us for a fun packed day of learning and community networking.

Register Now: https://bit.ly/DTCR2024-Register

Agenda: https://bit.ly/DTCR2024-Agenda