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Monday 23 June 2014

SQL Server User Group Bristol July Meeting

The next SQL Server User Group meeting in Bristol is a Pre SQLBits meeting on 14 July 2014 with Brent Ozar. 

Opus Recruitment Solutions
Lower Castle Street

The session is entitled:  Are AlwaysOn Availability Groups Right for You?  

The session abstract is:
SQL Server 2012's hottest new feature combined the best of clustering, mirroring, and replication to give you high availability plus scale-out reads. Does it make sense for your database server?  Brent Ozar has deployed AlwaysOn AGs in high-profile setups like StackOverflow.com, AllRecipes.com, and Discovery Education. This session is for DBAs who are considering implementing AlwaysOn AGs, or who are wondering why their AlwaysOn setup is only OftenOn.

To register: http://bit.ly/1nCye6B

Thursday 19 June 2014

SQL Server 2014 Training with 24 hours of PASS

Another 24 hours of PASS  is scheduled on 25 and 26 June covering end to end SQL Server 2014 topics.

The Sessions cover these topics

Session 01: Field Testing Buffer Pool Extension and In-Memory OLTP Features in SS2014
Session 02: SQL Server 2014: In-Memory OLTP Overview
Session 03: SQL Server 2014: In-Memory OLTP for Database Administrators
Session 04: SQL Server 2014: In-Memory OLTP End-to-End: Preparing for Migration
Session 05: SQL Server 2014: In-Memory OLTP for Database Developers
Session 06: AMA: Open Questions and Answers on SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP
Session 07: The Modern Data Warehouse
Session 08: SQL Server 2014: Private and Hybrid Cloud Features
Session 09: AlwaysOn in Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Session 10: Columnstore Technical Deep Dive
Session 11: Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2014: Flipping the DW Faster Bit
Session 12: Migration and Deployment for SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines
Session 13: AMA: Open Questions and Answers on SQL Server 2014 HA-DR in the Cloud
Session 14: Designing Modern Apps Using New Capabilities in Azure SQL Database
Session 15: Introduction to Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS)
Session 16: SQL Server 2014 Upgrade: A Case Study Featuring In-Memory OLTP and Hybrid-Cloud Scenarios
Session 17: Patterns and Practices for Scaling Microsoft Azure SQL Database
Session 18: AMA: Open Questions and Answers on Azure SQL Database
Session 19: SQL Server 2014: In-Memory OLTP Performance Troubleshooting
Session 20: SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP: Memory/Storage Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Session 21: SQL Server 2014: Changes to Query Plans
Session 22: AMA: Open Questions on SQL Server 2014, Microsoft Azure, and Big Data

24hours of Pass recordings on SQL Server 2014 are now availabile