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Thursday 19 November 2009

Data Collection

This product is a development of performance dashboard, database reports and built on top of standard DMV's. Historical data is persisted and is not affected by service restarts.

Plan for data growth of up to 250 - 500 MB a day on the Management Data Warehouse (MDW). The default Data Retention Period in MDW is 4 weeks . Microsoft detected approximately 3 - 4% increase in CPU performance when running this application.

The System Data Collection Sets contain 3 types of data collector Disk Usage, Query Statistics and server activity. The data is stored in a Management Data Warehouse (MDW). The data is collected by running SQL Server Agent jobs and have associated SSIS packages.
Disk Usage Data Collection
This captures information about disk usage for data and log files for each database. This can be used to show disk space trends
Query Statistic Data Collection
This collects information about different queries that run on the server and statistics to help in tuning efforts and identify the greatest impact on resource usage
Server Activity Data Collection
Colelcts CPU, Memory and performance counts. Helps identify bottlenecks

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