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Friday 1 June 2012

Cube Synchronisation Scale Out Methods

There are 4 Analysis Services Synchronisation Methods
  • Analysis Services Synch Method
  • Backup/Restore Database
  • Attach/Detach Database
  • Robocopy Method
You can read more after the Querying and Processing cubes for scale out section


Synchronize Analysis Services Databases

Other useful articles for scaling out Analysis Services are

REAL PRACTICES: Performance Scaling Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services at Microsoft adCenter

Scale-Out Querying with Analysis Services
http://sqlcat.com/sqlcat/b/whitepapers/archive/2007/12/16/scale-out-querying-with-analysis-services.aspx (download white paper http://technet.microsoft.com/library/Cc966449 )

Analysis Services 2008 R2 Performance Guide
Design Patterns for Scalable Cubes
Tuning Query Performance
Tuning Processing Performance
Special Considerations

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