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Tuesday 2 October 2012

Day 2 PASS SQL Rally Nordic

The main conference started with a keynote delivered by Kamal Hathi BI on Big Data. This started with a historical look at database\ data progression. With social and web analytics and live data fields, how do we predict future outcomes? Utilising advanced analytics on big data this can be visually displayed with the creation of a storyboard connecting the many data sets such as SQL Server, Hadoop, Excel etc. with the Microsoft toolset. There is no one single tool but a collection of tools for the job.

Other sessions I attended were from the DBA track which covered extended events, clustering and memory management for SQL Server 2012.

An interesting session shared technical information on building highly scalable and available cloud applications. Key consideration for the architectural design
  • Data Warehousing is not a good fit for the cloud
  • Scale out not Scale up
  • Everything has a limit
  • Design for failure
  • Design for continuity
  • Optimise for density
The key to a successful cloud, distributed computing system, is all in the architectural design. A phase from the session “Telemetry is Life” left me thinking about patterns and practices.  The end of another  great day.

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