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Monday 13 November 2017

A Guide to Complexity of Database Systems

The Phd research I undertook examined the complexity of database systems. A summary of the findings are provided

In the turbulent fast moving field of database systems, complexity is found everywhere. The volume, variety and velocity of data is continually expanding as well as the accessibility and realization that businesses have a wealth of untapped data that can be democratised. Not only this, and changes in new technology, but also with the shift in business markets, organisational changes, knowledge required by operating staff and numerous stakeholders, adds to the complexity. Many of these complexities have been discussed in the Claremont and Beckman Reports (Agrawal et al. 2009; Abadi et al. 2016)

This guide takes a 360 degree view of the situation through a systems thinking lens, providing synthesis between the cross disciplinary fields. To be able to explain what complexity is shapes our understanding of the situation and a basic visualisation of this is shared through the use of a graph. The usage of graphs as visual representation are discussed with the presentation of the graph metrics leading to the CODEX, a blueprint for the management of database systems. The CODEX could enable transformation of the management of database systems so that actionable insight can be achieved.

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