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Friday 2 March 2018

Databricks in Azure

Databricks is a big data unified analytics platform that harness the power of AI. It is built on top of Spark, serverless and is highly elastic cloud based. Azure Databricks is in preview currently. This new Azure service aims to accelerate innovation by enabling data science with a high-performance analytics platform that’s optimized for Azure. It has native integration with other Azure services such as Power BI, SQL Data Warehouse, Cosmos DB as well as from enterprise-grade Azure security, including Active Directory integration, compliance, and enterprise-grade SLAs. More information can be found in these two links

A technical overview of Azure Databricks

Introduction to Azure Databricks

Databricks is a collaborative workspace.

Databricks have an ebook Simplifying Data Engineering to Accelerate Innovation which covers

  • The three primary keys to better data engineering
  • How to build and run faster and more reliable data pipelines
  • How to reduce operational complexity and total cost of infrastructure ownership
  • 5 examples of enterprises building reliable and highly performant data pipelines

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