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Friday 4 October 2019

Two New Datasets to Improve Natural Language Understanding Models

Google’s PAWS data set helps AI models capture word order and structure. Yuan Zhang, Research Scientist and Yinfei Yang, Software Engineer, Google Research posted: Read more

Word order and syntactic structure have a large impact on sentence meaning — even small perturbations in word order can completely change interpretation. For example, consider the following related sentences:

Flights from New York to Florida.
Flights to Florida from New York.
Flights from Florida to New York.

All three have the same set of words. However, 1 and 2 have the same meaning — known as paraphrase pairs — while 1 and 3 have very different meanings — known as non-paraphrase pairs. The task of identifying whether pairs are paraphrase or not is called paraphrase identification, and this task is important to many real-world natural language understanding (NLU) applications such as question answering Read on

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