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Saturday 16 November 2019

The Tree of Learning is now fully grown

As part of the last 50 years of life changing education the Tree of Learning is now fully grown and installed in the Betty Boothroyd Library on Walton Hall Campus in Milton Keynes. It reflects on the last 50 years of life-changing education. As an alumni I supported this great cause to help provide potential students the opportunity to access higher education by supporting the 50th Anniversary Scholarships Fund. The Fund aims to offer free University education to 50 carers. Each donor could choose to be recognized and have a shield personalized with their name and a year that is significant to their OU journey.  Over 7200 people donated and choose to have a shield like myself. The Tree is 22-foot (6.7m). The Tree is organised with the earliest dates, the 1970s at the bottom moving through the decades to the most recent years at the top of the Tree. 

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