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Sunday 9 May 2021

SQLBits Replay Sessions


SQLBits are taking a novel approach to help encourage people to continue their learning journey. SQLBits are sharing their last virtual conference sessions publicly as they normally do but with a twist. Normally videos are only on the SQLBits site. They are now also on YouTube. In addition to this on the SQLBits spatial replay platform they are enabling group viewing each and every Thursday supported by a Q&A session presented by the speaker live. 

The platform that is being used has a number of themed breakout rooms and a main stage where the recorded session will be streamed. Each session being shown is about 1 hour and this is followed by live Q&A by the speaker of the session.

Moving around the platform is great as it allows you to drift in and out of conversations as if you were walking round the conference hall. It is great to have that opportunity to chat with the presenters and attendees about the sessions. 






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