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Tuesday 1 June 2021

Data Toboggan Cloud Skills Challenge

Data Toboggan Cool Runnings has it next 12 hour conference on 12 June. To run along side our event we have teamed up with Microsoft to run a Cloud Skills Challenge on Azure Synapse. The details are below.  

Challenge Dates: 1st June 2021 and ends 23rd June 2021

The Cloud Skills Challenge is here: https://aka.ms/Challenge/DataToboggan

The terms and conditions are available here: https://aka.ms/DataToboggan/terms-conditions

Whilst our conference welcomes international speakers and attendees, please only enter  the cloud skills challenge if you are a UK resident. 

Whilst on the learning path please sign up for the conference to help you gain those new skills along the way

Register now: http://bit.ly/DT-CRRegister

Agenda: https://bit.ly/DT-CRAgenda 

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