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Saturday 10 July 2021

Purview Readiness one-pager checklist

Starting with Azure Purview requires a few prerequisites. The checklist  sets out 4 phases. 

Identify where to start to establish a Governance baseline foundation for your organization for general cloud governance. 

Azure Purview Readiness Checklist

Purview-Deployment-Checklist will help prepare for data governance and data democratization in your environment.

There are four sections

  • Readiness
  • Build foundation
  • Register data sources
  • Curate and consume data

The Azure Purview deployment prerequisites can help with those proof of concept deployments

Azure Purview automated readiness checklist

A set of scripts have been written to help evaluate your exciting environment for missing configuration that might prevent data sources being scanned. The PowerShell scripts are

  • Azure-Purview-automated-readiness-checklist.ps1
  • Azure-Purview-automated-readiness-checklist-csv-Input.ps1

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