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Wednesday 15 February 2023

Microsoft Purview product portfolio

The Go Beyond Data Protection with Microsoft Purview session covered the Risk and Compliance and the Unified Data Governance portal areas. There were 5 areas discussed highlighting how these two areas have been drawn together to create a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy. The tools help govern data and safeguard data where it lives at the data tier. As with any security and data strategy design for an organisation, each have their own unique needs. You can read more about the announcement here. The 5 areas

Identify data landscape

The start is data discovery, knowing where your data is and having a single pain of glass to view and manage the entire data estate.

Risk reduction to improve efficacy for data protection.

Protect sensitive data

This line of defence looks at putting protection policies in place. Tools here enable data to be classified and labelled with protection policies applied, rights management and encryption. Then be able to gain insights into how it is being accessed, stored and shared.

Risk reduction to prevent data leaks and data breaches.

Manage risk

This looks at potential data risks and risky behaviour to enable security teams to quickly take mitigating action. Management of internal risk with the right people, processes and training and tools.

Risk reduction against internal data misuse.

Prevent data loss

The balancing act of productivity without compromising data required proper access control, policies crated to prevent data being improperly saved , stored or printing of  sensitive data.

Risk reductions against unauthorised use of data.

Govern data lifecycle

Proactive data governance leads to better data security. The business teams are the stewards of their data following a unified data governance approach. 

Risk reductions will ensure data is responsibility democratised for the end user.

Looking at this differently this shows how the data map is central to protecting data. Microsoft Purview security best practices explains in more depth about the architecture.

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