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Monday 20 March 2023

SQLBits 2023

SQLBits 2023 at the ICC in Wales, was an event with so many moving parts.  It was the biggest ever with 2576 registrations. There were people there from many countries United States, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Poland as well as the UK. It was both In-Person and Virtual.  We have Community Corner, the BitsBuddies, helpers, a quiet zone, prayer room, a counsellor on site and more. I have attended every SQLBits and helped for 10 of those. 

So many things are amazing about #SQLBits. For me it is the sharing of ideas, community and helping new people join the community. I think we often forget how hard it was when we first started attending events, standing around feeling disconnected and no one to talk to. Being female at events then was very hard. It was amazing to be a helper again and also one of the #Bitsbuddies #community .  See you next year.

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