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Wednesday 26 April 2023

Modern Analytics and Governance at Scale

Microsoft have released a white paper talking about Analytics and Governance (MAG) at Scale to learn how to successfully build an end-to-end analytics ecosystem aligned to datamesh, datafabric, and datahub. Starting with an enterprise data strategy in place, this enables your organization vision and roadmap to accelerate value creation drawing on your data. This lays the groundwork for building the three fundamental pillars of Modern Analytics and Governance (MAG) at Scale: 

  1. Enterprise Data Governance: This includes lineage, classification and policy. Then data ordering and moving to rapid access to data
  2. Data Management Foundation: Lakehouse as a foundation includes automated data management, ingestion, standardization, quality, metadata registration and access provisioning
  3. Domains and Data Products: Autonomous domains provisioned, analytic federations , ingestion and curation for analytics patterns

This is a transformative approach to the modern analytics ecosystem. Capabilities enabled at scale are

Including data governance in solutions has these objectives

  • Discover and describe data
  • Automatically secure data
  • Democratise data access
  • Provide data leaders an understanding of their data

To move towards that enterprise data governance state it is important to build a data foundation . The whitepaper mentions four ways to start with this

  1. Creating metadata
  2. Mapping data assets
  3. Cataloging data assets
  4. Automating governance and security

The paper goes on to share an implementation plan and much more for Microsoft Purview . 

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