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Saturday 5 August 2023

Free version of Microsoft Purview (Preview)

The free version of Microsoft Purview is an amazing opportunity to start down that journey to data governance. There are various elements  

  • An Automatically available instance, ready your users without set-up.
  • A single, organization-wide instance of Microsoft Purview
  • Metadata stored in Azure is automatically inventoried
  • Free search using the Microsoft Purview Data Catalog
  • The Data Catalog automatically records data schema

Meta data curation can be done by data owners in the data catalog curator role,  for things like description, classifications, and contacts. To view any assets all users need Read permissions.

The free version of Microsoft Purview supports these data sources:

·       Azure Blob Storage

·       Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2

·       Azure SQL Database

·       Azure subscriptions

There is a limitation on the free version of 10,000 annotated assets.  For clarity a description and a classification on the same asset are only treated as one annotated asset.

It is managed at the organization/tenant level.

The new experience uses a single, primary Microsoft Purview account. Multiple accounts, should be coming later'


What's in the free version of Microsoft Purview? | Microsoft Learn

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