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Saturday 21 October 2023

The Microsoft Fabric roadmap

The Microsoft Fabric roadmap is a place where you can check out what's new and planned for in the  unified SaaS platform.  https://aka.ms/FabricRoadmap

There is a good summary of items coming 

Microsoft Fabric roadmap October 11, 2023 by James Serra

I am particularly interested in the administration and governance side.  I am looking forward to these items.

Purview hub for administrators and data owners – Public preview

Estimated release timeline: Q4 2023

Fabric admins (Q3 2023) and data owners (Q4 2023) can gain valuable insights about sensitive data, certified and promoted items. They contain insights about sensitive data, certified and promoted items, and a gateway to advanced capabilities in Microsoft Purview portals.

Purview data loss prevention policies for schematized data in OneLake

Estimated release timeline: Q1 2024

Compliance admins can use Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies to detect the upload of sensitive data (such as social security number) to OneLake. If such an upload is detected, the policies will trigger automatic policy tip that is visible to data owners and it can also trigger an alert for compliance admins. DLP policies can automate the compliance processes to meet enterprise-scale compliance and regulatory requirements in an effective way.

New to Fabric announcements can be tracked here.

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