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Monday, 28 January 2013

Database Research Groups

With carrying out my own database research wanted to find out how many database research groups exist. I have found that quite a large number of database research groups worldwide exist. 

A few of the ones I have discovered are 

European database research groups

A list of the groups is

Microsoft Research Database Group
The group is to increase the usefulness of database systems to users by creating, extending, and applying database technology. They are located in Redmond, Washington, which is in the greater Seattle area.

Gray Systems Lab
The Microsoft Jim Gray Systems Lab is a collaborative effort between Microsoft and the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that started in March 2008.

Database Systems Group University of Wisconsin—Madison
They have been conducting database related research for almost 30 years

Berkeley Database Group
Berkeley has led database systems research for over a quarter century. Their research covers new challenges in data management, as well as data-centric approaches to diverse areas including distributed systems, programming languages, statistical computation, human computing and interaction, and technology for developing regions.

University of Washington Database Group
The University of Washington's database group aims at broadening the focus of database and data management techniques beyond their traditional scope.  They do both theoretical and systems work in areas such as probabilistic databases, stream processing, sensor-based monitoring, databases and the web, XML, data management for ubiquitous computing, data integration, and data mining. 

DBG Database Group MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
The database group at MIT conducts research on all areas of database systems and information management. Projects range from the design of new user interfaces and query languages to low-level query execution issues, ranging from design of new systems for database analytics and main memory databases to query processing in next generation pervasive and ubiquitous environments, such as sensor networks, wide area information systems, personal databases, and the Web.
University of Waterloo, Canada
The group's research is broad-based addressing both extending and enhancing database management systems (DBMS), and data management for new domains. The research focuses on data management issues as they apply to complex objects, geometric and spatial data, video and audio data, historical data, structured documents and text, and real-time data as well as to traditional relational database systems. This wide coverage mirrors the expanding role of database systems in managing very large amounts of diverse data.

Database Research At Yale 
Database Research and Development Group


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