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Monday 21 January 2013

Database Management Survey 2013 Update

The 2013 Database Management Survey is still open for responses. It will be closing at the end of January. There has been a good response to the survey to date from a wide range of countries, job roles, database engines and sectors.  

Currently 36 countries are represented in the responses. It would be good to have some responses from Finland, Iceland and Greenland to complete all Nordic countries and France, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein to complete European countries. Other countries notably absent in the respondents are Mexico, China and Japan. 

The industry sectors that are not as well represented so far are aerospace & defence and telecommunications.

The database applications used are mostly SQL Server related with a third of them relating to Oracle. A number of NoSQL and New SQL application users have replied but there are many new database applications that are not yet represented.  

I must thank every one who has been so kind to complete the survey and would still be most grateful to receive as many replies as possible over the final period of the survey. 

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