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Wednesday 16 October 2013

PhD Research Asynchronous Focus Group

I am working on the second stage of my data collection for my PhD and this requires the collection of qualitative data on database best practices and procedures and the complexities surrounding this. The specific question I am looking to answer is:

Is the adoption of best practices and procedures affected by the complex interactions that are an integral part of the management of database systems?

I have run some face to face focus groups but still need some further data and would like to obtain various views.

The 10 questions I have which I would like input on are :

1.Do you think some best practices and procedures are more important than others for managing database systems? If so, what are the most important ones?

2.What best practices and procedures do you think should be considered when selecting different database engines?

3.What kind of requirements gathering and architectural design processes for the hardware, data and databases do you think are important? Why are these important?

4.In what ways do you think that best practices and procedures could assist management of the database lifecycle?

5.What complexities between technology layers, do you think, affect the operation of databases?

6.Describe any complexities that exist with the adoption of best practices and procedures when managing cloud databases?

7.Was there ever a time when you felt the complexity of database systems compromised your ability to implement best practices and procedures?

8.Who you think should create and control database best practices and procedures?

9.How, if at all, do cross boundary communications among stakeholders affect best practices and procedures?

10.What effect can a database management strategic plan have on best practices and procedures for the management of database systems? 

I have created an online forum where discussions on these questions can task place. The forum is  http://sqltoolkit.freeforums.net/.  I have created a discussion thread for each question.

Please can you help and share your views.

More details on the research can be found at http://sqltoolkit.co.uk/focusgroup.htm

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