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Sunday 21 May 2017

Azure SQLDB Managed Instance and Database Migration Service

There are 2 services in preview at the moment Azure SQLDB Managed Instance and Database Migration Service. Both these services seem very useful for moving to the cloud.

They enable migration of a fleet of SQL Server databases without application re-architecture to the cloud.

Azure SQLDB Managed Instance provides security isolation with Azure Virtual Network, along with built-in HADR, built-in intelligent performance tuning, and intelligent security services that are already available in Azure SQL Database. No public endpoint is required.

Databases up to 35TB can be migrated.

It can be set up with a simple restore of native databases or log shipping using Azure Database Migration Service

Azure SQLDB Managed Instance provides SQL Server application compatibility including items such as commonly used cross database references using three-part names, CLR and R Services, DB Mail, SQL Agent, Transactional Replication, Change Data Capture and Service Broker.

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