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Thursday 25 July 2019

SQL Server 2019 Workshop Lab

SQL Server 2019 is a modern data platform designed to tackle the challenges of today's data professional.

There is a new self-paced free lab is available to learn some of the concepts and how to solve modern data challenges using a hands-on lab approach.

SQL Server 2019 provides many new capabilities including:

  • Data Virtualization with Polybase and Big Data Clusters to reduce the need for data movement
  • Intelligent Performance to boost query performance with no application changes
  • Security enhancements such as Always Encrypted and Data Classification
  • Mission Critical Availability including Availability Groups on Kubernetes and Accelerated Database Recovery
  • Modern Development capabilities including Machine Learning Services and Extensibility with Java and the language of your choice
  • SQL Server on the platform of your choice with compatibility including Windows, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, and Arm64 (Azure SQL Database Edge)

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