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Monday 15 February 2021

Data Toboggan-Cool Runnings

We are really excited to announce our summer edition of  Data Toboggan-Cool Runnings on 12 June 2021. 

The summer edition is named after Cool Runnings,  a 1993 American comedy sports film. A Jamaican bobsleigh team fights many odds, including a reluctant coach, to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics. 

The phrase 'cool runnings' is defined in the film to mean: peace be the journey.  As well as it being an enjoyable film it contains some life lessons

  • Believe in yourself. The underdog can win 
  • Create your own way forward
  • Have a positive self image
  • Being yourself is important
  • Have conviction to follow your own path
  • Don't let winning change the person you are
  • Everyone deserves a second chance
  • Have perseverance to reach the end

Our summer edition of Data Toboggan-Cool Runnings is on 12 June 2021 Call For Speakers is Open http://bit.ly/DT-CRCFP Register Now http://bit.ly/DT-CRRegister #AzureSynapse @Azure_Synapse

In our Call for Speakers we are accepting two types of sessions;

1) 45 min - live talk on an aspect of Azure Synapse.

2) Upto 5 min pre-recorded talk. We will play these in between the sessions. These could be on anything Synapse related, tips & tricks, etc.

Submit your sessions and or register for the event. We would love to see you there. 

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