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Monday 4 October 2021

Let innovation drive world Azure Synapse Day 2021

Want some more information and background about our November Conference on 12 November 2021. One of our organisers has written a great post explaining it here.

You can read it here as well

So, while there’s been all this stuff going on, a couple of data friends and I started a conference series and a user group both focused on Azure Synapse Analytics. Because, you know.. you can never have too many online conferences, training sessions, and presentations, right ?

We’ve probably all attended online lerns recently, been to meetings online, chatted with friends and family over new and sometimes unfamiliar apps like Teams and Zoom (yes, the nerds have been using them for a while, but collab apps just went *wild* recently).

But we (as in me and the aforementioned data friends) wanted to do something different. Something more…. interactive. More…. conversational. Less “I’ll sign up and download the recordings later, maybe“. And so, somewhat concietedly, we came up with ‘World Azure Synapse Day 2021’, where we can share, chat, learn, and laugh (maybe) to round out the year. A sort of retrospective on the future, if you like.

Full disclosure: we didn’t come up with the format ourselves. A few months back, a company called DataStax did something similar for the worldwide Apache Cassandra community where they had short talks from the engineering team, the sales people, their marketing. We’re aiming for something waaaayyyy less corporate, and more about you 🙂 We just borrowed the good bits and left out the sales pitch.

So we’re doing three sessions on the day, timed to hopefully coincide with people’s availability in each of APAC, EMEA, and AMER time-zones. We hope it will feel a bit more like a meeting than a presentation, as there’ll be several short talks and interviews in each. The sessions will *not* be recorded (sorry, you’re going to have to be there to see it !) – it’s really important to us that each session flows and everyone can participate, and recording that doesn’t seem fair. We’re also not even publishing an agenda, just a schedule of who will be talking at each session – we want the speakers to speak for themselves in every way possible – so there’s no pressure on anyone to ‘get it right first time’, and each and every contribution is welcome.

If you want to attend (and we hope you do), please sign up to the MeetUp for Data Toboggan here. There’s also a code of conduct under the heading ‘Be Excellent To Each Other’ that we’d ask you to adhere to, but that’s all you have to do. If you want to have your voice heard, just submit some thoughts through Sessionize, and we’ll be in contact. And don’t hesitate to ask any question you like in the MeetUp group – we’ll make sure you get a response 🙂

Hope to see you at Data Toboggan – World Azure Synapse Day 2021 ! Until then, stay safe.

The Data Toboggan Team

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