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Wednesday 29 September 2021

Azure Purview Generally Available

The maximize the value of your data in the cloud: achieve unified data governance with Azure Purview digital event with Rohan Kumar, Corporate Vice President Azure Data and Mike Flasko, General Manager of Azure Data Governance Platform on 26 September 2021 was an exciting event.  It enables the new reimagined agile data governance world to move forward.

The event explored Azure Purview, a unified data governance solution that gives you a holistic, up-to-date map of your entire data estate. The general availability of Azure Purview was announced bringing that improve automated governance to the fore. 

The product launched with an area in preview. 
There is automated data discovery using Purview data scan supporting hybrid data landscapes with classification and lineage. There are 200+ data classifiers with 35 data sources. The data map graph describes the data assets and relationships across the estate with fine gained access controls. The lineage feature is really important as it enables root cause analysis to happen and ensures data lineage is available via visualisation. Being able to search, browse and curate data enables you gain more understanding of your data. 

Business context with data is important and to have a business glossary enables relevant business terms to be connected. There is hierarchy support and an integrated approval workflow.

There are a large set of connectors that enable data scanning currently available and there is pubic preview of more data options for data scanning for Google Cloud, Erwin, Salesforce, IBM DB2 and Cassandra. Data scanning options coming soon are snowflake, SAP HANA, PostgresSQL, MongoDB and MySQL.

Azure Purview is growing in functionality all the time and Purview Data Insights is in preview. This looks at 
  • data asset distribution 
  • sensitive data
  • data scanning coverage 
  • business glossary utilisation
The insights capability is useful for CDOs to gain a high level picture of the data estate.

A glimpse of the exciting roadmap to come was also shared.  

The Azure Purview features are

There a lots of resources already available

Azure Purview overview 

Introduction to Azure Purview Microsoft Learn to start your learning journey.

Official Purview blog for updates

Billing for Azure Purview will start on 1st November 2021. Pricing 

Announcements are detailed here

Customer Stories shared

Microsoft Customer Story-Danish pump manufacturer develops sustainable water solutions with unified data governance from Azure Purview

Microsoft Customer Story-Heathrow boosts operational efficiency and improves decision making with Azure Purview

Microsoft Customer Story-illimity optimizes data governance and streamlines compliance with Azure Purview

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