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Wednesday 20 April 2022

Azure Purview becomes Microsoft Purview

 A major change was announce yesterday with the future of compliance and data governance combined. The naming has changed from Azure Purview to Microsoft Purview. Watch the announcement here

The announcement can be read here . Microsoft talk about the lines between risk roles are blurring. 

  • The pandemic 
  • Nation-state attacks  
  • Remote work 
  • Evolving regulations 
  • Data sharing 
  • Growing CDO responsibilities 
  • Governance and compliance

It is interesting that Microsoft mention that the CDO role may go beyond data management and protection to include business intelligence, AI and machine learning. I am not sure how that would work with the chief analytics officer (CAO) and CISO and overlapping roles.

The new Microsoft Purview is explained in the article as it:

  • Helps you gain visibility into assets across your entire data estate.
  • Enables easy access to all your data, security, and risk solutions. 
  • Helps safeguard and manage sensitive data across clouds, apps, and endpoints.
  • Manages end-to-end data risks and regulatory compliance.
  • Empowers your organization to govern, protect, and manage data in new, comprehensive ways.

The article also talk about enhancing data governance with Microsoft Priva.

Read more about Azure Purview is now Microsoft Purview where it is shared the Microsoft Purview is a comprehensive set of solutions to help you govern, protect, and manage your entire data estate. They have brought together  Azure Purview and Microsoft 365 Compliance portfolio under one brand.

Watch Go Beyond with Microsoft Purview


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