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Thursday 28 July 2022

Azure Synapse Community Resources

Microsoft have released a collection of community resources to help accelerate learning and enable interaction with other members of the community. Resource guide here

In addition to the Microsoft resources are those created by presenters at the Data Toboggan set of Azure Synapse conferences. Follow, share and like us. 

Social Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/datatoboggan  @datatoboggan

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/data-toboggan

Conference Session recordings

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DataToboggan 

Download Microsoft guide here

Community Call to Action

 Follow us on Twitter: @Azure_Synapse

 Read and comment on our blog: https://aka.ms/SynapseBlog

 Check out our monthly updates blog: https://aka.ms/SynapseMonthlyUpdate

 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://aka.ms/SynapseYouTube

 Share and vote for ideas to improve Azure Synapse: https://aka.ms/SynapseIdeas

 Join the Azure Synapse Influencers program: https://aka.ms/SynapseInfluencers


 Product page: https://aka.ms/Synapse

 Documentation: https://aka.ms/SynapseDocs

 Reference architectures: https://aka.ms/SynapseArchitectures

 Security whitepaper: http://aka.ms/SynapseSecurity

Technical Discussions and Q&A

 Microsoft Q&A: https://aka.ms/SynapseQuestions

 StackOverflow: https://aka.ms/SynapseStackOverflow


 Get started in 60 minutes: https://aka.ms/SynapseGetStarted

 Azure Synapse Analytics Toolkit: https://aka.ms/SynapseToolkit

Free Learning

 MS Learn – Learning paths: https://aka.ms/SynapseLearningPaths

 Synapse Practitioner : https://aka.ms/SynapsePractitioner

 Microsoft Virtual Training Days: https://aka.ms/SynapseMVTD

 30-Day Cloud Skills Challenge: https://aka.ms/SynapseSkillsChallenge

Samples & Accelerators

 Samples on GitHub: https://aka.ms/SynapseSamples

 Accelerator – End-to-End Analytics: https://aka.ms/azsynapsee2e-git

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