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Friday 29 July 2022

Microsoft Purview Data Sharing

Microsoft Purview Data Sharing allows in-place data sharing for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS Gen2 ) and Blob Storage. This solves the problem of data proliferation where you can often end up with multiple copies of the same data resulting in higher storage costs and tracking issues from data movement. This also reduces the need for more ETL packages to manage and reduces the time it takes to get access to the data. Managing the data movement can be time consuming so this data sharing feature will help reduce this.

This new feature will enable better data management, controlled access to the data with automated data sharing.  The feature works as as below:

 A few things to note   

  • the data provider pays for data storage and their own data access  
  • the data consumer pays for their own data access transactions.

 Access can be changed 

  • the data provider can revoke access to the share or set a share expiration time for time-bound access to data. 
  • the data consumer can also terminate access to the share at any time.
More details can be found here

Watch demo video

Read How to share data

Read How to receive share

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