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Saturday 15 October 2022

Business Context for your technical data

To enable data to be managed well it is important to have a business lens applied to the data.  To that end Microsoft have added a new capability to enrich the Data Map with business and governance context to make it relevant for the Data Stewards, Chief Data Officers, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists. This new feature is called Purview Metamodel. Three elements are organisation, business processes and data products. This shows how the data is used in business activities, enables the organisational hierarchy to be defined and , defines data used across the business departments and business processes. This is all placed this in the hands of the Data Steward.

To add further enrichment and augmentation to Purview Data Map it provides end-to-end data lineage which the Data Stewards can now annotate so their data in manual data lineage data movement is shown.

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