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Wednesday 19 July 2023

Microsoft Inspire 2023 keynote

We are in the middle of a massive platform shift with AI . Two areas Natural Language the developer interface and the Reasoning Engine give more power together with Information Management as we digitise the world. Generative AI together with Microsoft Fabric will be transformative.

Five of the key announcements Satya highlighted 

  • Bing Chat Enterprise will probably be the biggest generative AI launch this year. I like the ability to  do SWAT analysis by just asking. The private AI powered chat enables confidential data, user data, conversations and chat activity to stay private an not used to train AI models
  • Sales Copilot
  • Power Automate Process Mining  is Generally Available
  • Microsoft loves OpenAI. The Azure OpenAI Service has regional expansion
  • Meta's Llama 2 on Azure and Windows
  • Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program new incentives

There were discussion on how the model effectiveness is the currency of content safety and how prompt engineering with its phrases and symbols was important. All generative AI services are going to change everything. 

The Inspire keynote 18 July used an analogy of rooms in the house to describe the various layers of the Microsoft stack services.  The Copilot stack was discussed with a way to enable AI transformation. 

With this amazing era of AI we need to understanding how to provide that duty of care and ethical advisory. It is more paramount than ever think about data provenance, bias amplification, regulatory compliance and explainability. 


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