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Wednesday 3 January 2024

Copilot Different Experiences

Adopt, extend and build Copilot experiences across the Microsoft Cloud.  Copilot uses Large Language Models (LLMs) . There are various level of expertise and effort required for each type. As with each type they connect to different data sources and require different level of customisations. 

A few terms

Temperature - This controls how conservative or adventurous Copilot should be. The higher the temperature, the more adventurous Token – when text is processed in large AI model, it is divided into the smallest units, these are called tokens. So tokens are the finest granularity in natural language progressing for these large language models

Prompt - The text you send to Azure OpenAI Service as an API call. This text is then input into the AI model. Metaprompts – part of the orchestration layer. A set of instructions that are passed to copilot that are sent to the model on every turn of conversation and where safety tuning happens.

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