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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Generative AI framework for Government

The UK government has released their generative AI framework created by the Central Digital and Data Office V1.0.  This is public sector guidance with a focus on Large Language Models (LLMs). 

The framework outlines ten principles:

Principle 1: You know what generative AI is and what its limitations are

Principle 2: You use generative AI lawfully, ethically and responsibly

Principle 3: You know how to keep generative AI tools secure

Principle 4: You have meaningful human control at the right stage

Principle 5: You understand how to manage the full generative AI lifecycle

Principle 6: You use the right tool for the job

Principle 7: You are open and collaborative

Principle 8: You work with commercial colleagues from the start

Principle 9: You have the skills and expertise that you need to build and use generative AI

Principle 10: You use these principles alongside your organisation’s policies and have the right assurance in place

It defines Generative AI as a form of AI '– a broad field which aims to use computers to emulate the products of human intelligence or to build capabilities which go beyond human intelligence'

Then within Generative AI  how those public LLM's fit within the field

The framework has lots of information to draw on from  advocating for lawful, ethical, and responsible usage to addressing the the challenges of accuracy, bias and environmental impact.  Transparency and human control are paramount going forward. You can read more here.

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