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Wednesday 12 October 2011

SQL Server 2012

The Day One Keynote Wednesday 12 October for SQL Pass keynote was given by Ted Kummert, Senior VP, Business Platform Division, Microsoft Corp PASS Summit 2011

The keypoints annouced were:-

The name for SQL Server Denali is SQL Server 2012.

SQL Server Data Tools is the name for Project Juneau. It brings a new paradigm for database development within the familiar toolset of Visual Studio for T-SQL development.

Power View is the name for Project Crescent. It provides an ad-hoc reporting tool for business users. 

SQL Server 2012 is to support Hadoop. Oracle and EMC will also release a distribution of Hadoop and the Greenplum database and Hadoop will run on the same platform. 

The Hive ODBC driver will be available next month

Data Explorer was announced. The Data Explorer tool allows you to browse data sources in the cloud.  Has phases of discovery, enrichment and sharing. It can handle Big Data joining multiple data sets from say the cloud, excel, market place, sql etc.

The PASS Summit 2011 Live Keynote Streaming is

Taken from the SQL Server UK Tech Days, the features include

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