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Tuesday 6 December 2011

DBA in Space Finalist

Red Gate Software has teamed up with Space Adventures to offer one lucky DBA a ticket into space. The Space Adventures flight takes you into suborbital space, 10 times higher than commercial aircraft, and a third of the way to the International Space Station.

Regate " think DBAs, the exceptional individuals who manage the smooth running of our planet's data supply, have been under-appreciated for too long. That's why we're holding DBA in Space. DBAs deserve better. Better recognition, better software tooling, better prizes." www.dbainspace.com

My brother Roger's passion for space exploration and his membership of the British Interplanetary Society has been my inspiration for all things space related. 

Voting is open to the public and you can vote once a day for the week that voting is open. Please vote for me.

SQLBits 9 Photo taken by Tobiasz J Koprowski
My 100 word short Biography
I am a senior certified MCITP Database Administrator at Eduserv . I am very passionate about data and databases. I have experience of managing a large SQL Server Estate throughout the database lifecycle. With the database landscape continually changing I proactively look at ways to improve the management of SQL Server.  Currently looking at: the adoption of SQL Server 2012, database infrastructure for the cloud (DBaaS) and architectural designs for relational and BI platforms.   Out of work activities include: part time research for a Phd for improving database management systems and involvement with the SQL community through SQLBits.

 I need the most votes to go into space.  https://www.dbainspace.com

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