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Monday 12 December 2011

Once upon a time ..


Once upon a time there was a DBA who through the years aspired to learn, to live, to breath, the universe of the DBA. There was excitement and thrills to watch the database space expand. To breathe new life into a field that hadn't changed that much over the last 30 years. The tools required to manage such an ever expanding set of data need to evolve and expand with agility to match the rapid growth of data which IDC say would be a hypothetical stack of DVDs that will reach halfway to Mars.  To see the Red planet, Redgate would be proud. The complexities of data management and chaotic changes to the type of data, creates a new universe. A data universe where both structured and unstructured data collide.

The DBA travelled around to explore those strange, new worlds. And sought out new data life and new data civilizations. To follow her name into space to ensure the data sent to space is archived. Please vote for Victoria Holt in the DBAinSpace competition that Redgate are running. To experience a once in a life opportunity this DBA would treasure for the rest of her known life. To Vote  https://www.dbainspace.com/finalists 

An extraordinary competition  for an out of this world experience for the DBA to collect more data.

Merry Christmas to all.

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