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Friday 9 December 2011

DBAinSpace Launch me into Space

This is the video of my bid to be launched into space on the Space Adventures suborbital flight with the competition from Redgate.

VOTE NOW   https://www.dbainspace.com/finalists

Hi, I’m a Senior DBA specialising in SQL Server. I’m very passionate about data and databases. I’m already very excited about the launch of SQL Server 2012 next year, seeing how cloud database services bring agility and elasticity and watching to see how the 2 universes of structured and unstructured data collide.

My name was sent to the moon on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbitar and is on route to Mars with NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory rover which was launched the other week.

The Redgate DBA in Space competition is an astronomical chance of a lifetime.  Please send me into space.

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