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Tuesday 9 November 2021

Data Toboggan extravaganza

There nothing so exciting as a surprise. Data Toboggan is trying something different. Take an international journey with us through 3 time zones: 

APAC - 08:00 - 09.00 GMT; 

EMEA - 12:00 - 13.20 GMT; 

AMER - 17:00 - 18.20 GMT

Bit size sessions to share how Azure Synapse Analytics inspired you, empowers you, and how it accelerates your business analytics. Register now: https://bit.ly/RegisterDTWSD21 

The Session Titles

The Abstracts

The Speakers

Jean Joseph, Dennes Torres, Anders Swanson, Rob Farley, Bob Duffy, Andy Cutler, Damien O'Connor, Sidney Cirqueira, Armando Lacerda, Gaston Cruz, Dustin Vannoy

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