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Tuesday 2 November 2021

Microsoft Ignite November 2021

Microsoft Ignite was opened by Satya Nadella on 2 November 2021. An inspiring session. 

The headline for the opening was, our economy and society is undergoing a sea change of digitization. Satya talked about emerging technology trends and innovations across the Microsoft Cloud that will transform every business and industry going forward.

We are a moment of real structural change. The case for digital transformation has been never so urgent. What will happen and what we need to do to support our business is core with the transition of mobile to a cloud era to ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence.

There are four key trends that he mentioned

  1. Hybrid work - when and where we work
  2. The trend for a hyper connected business with omnichannel reach with freely flowing data and intelligence
  3. Every business is a digital business - multi cloud multi edge
  4. The need to protect everything end to end, with security being the biggest risk

There is also a need for business to meet sustainability goals and track our own carbon footprint. 

Microsoft Loop was announced a new collaborative canvas.

There were some other great transformational announcements. 

Azure Arc-enabled machine learning – inferencing: Customers can now build, train and deploy machine learning models in on-premises, multi-cloud and edge computing environments

There was a new Cognitive Service 'Azure OpenAI Service' announced . Azure OpenAI Service is a new Azure Cognitive Service that provides customers access to OpenAI’s GPT-3 models with enterprise capabilities such as security, compliance and scale. He also talked about the breakthroughs in natural language processing .

Teams Connect is the centre place for future collaboration. 

A new platform layer, the metaverse, that brings together many tools. The Metaverse solutions 

Mesh for Microsoft Teams was announced. An immersive experience in Microsoft Teams is using Mesh. Mesh for Microsoft Teams will enable new experiences with personalized avatars and immersive spaces where users can connect with presence and have shared immersive experiences.

Read the Microsoft Ignite Book of News: http://aka.ms/ignite-book-of-news for exciting news and updates. A major theme is about inclusivity and accessibility.

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