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Thursday 10 November 2022

Data Toboggan - Alpine Coaster

We have a  mini conference to close the year out called Alpine Coaster on 25 November 2022.

How did Alpine Coaster get its Name

The longest toboggan run in Switzerland is the Pradaschier Rodelbahn. It has 31 curves and a difference in elevation of 480 m. The toboggan run coasts its way down to the valley with twists and turns. It is 3,060 m long. It is the most extensive alpine coaster run in Switzerland. It can move up to 40 kilometers/hour.

It takes between 7-10 minutes to ride Switzerland's longest toboggan run, the Pradaschier Rodelbahn.

Alpine Coaster Challenge

Create a Session between 7 – 10 minutes long, so bite-size sessions for hungry data professionals. This hopefully will leave everyone all excited for our full conference 28 January 2023.

Alpine Coaster Time Zones

Alpine Coaster will have 3 open sessions across 3 time zones (APAC, EMEA, AMER)
Each session lasting about 60-90 or so minutes each. This is a Friday event.

What type of Content is Expected

Share your tales of Azure Synapse Analytics in the real-world.  Deployments, proof-of-concepts, solved issues. 

This event will not be recorded. Use this to your advantage to be creative without pressure.

Register Now

Register for Alpine Coaster APAC Edition 7:30 AM GMT Friday 25 November 

Register for Alpine Coaster EMEA Edition 12:30 PM GMT Friday 25 November 

Register for Alpine Coaster AMER Edition 5:00 PM GMT Friday 25 November

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