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Thursday 17 November 2022

Day 1 Keynote PASS Data Community Summit

The day 1 keynote of the first in person PASS Data Community Summit was packed with exciting data platform innovations across SQL Server and the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.

The Keynote: Transform your Data Estate with Microsoft's Intelligent Data Platform.

There are many data challenges today within operational database, analytics and intelligence and data governance. 

Data officers are a critical role and it is a challenge to use the data right. A lot of governance tools are not fully integrated. 

Analytics is a core part and must be front and centre not a back end tool. Data Governance is more than creating a catalogue, it is hybrid and multi cloud and the volume of data is increasing. Data Governance needs to be deeply embedded.

The big announcement : SQL Server 2022 is generally available

SQL Server 2022 with embedded data governance. All the data management through Microsoft Purview, lineage tracking is very important. 

There is a new SQL Server pay-as-you-go licensing model 

The annoucements

SQL Server 2022 - GA (Generally Available)
New SQL Server pay-as-you-go licensing model
Link feature for Azure SQL Managed Instance
Backup portability with SQL Server 2022
SQL + Apps Migration Factory offer
Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL - GA
Azure Data Factory SAP Change Data Capture Connector -GA
Azure Synapse Mapping Data Flow for M365 Graph -Public Preview
Azure Synapse Link for SQL

The keynote  then switched to data governance

Improved root cause analysis and traceability with SQL Dynamic lineage is GA

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