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Wednesday 24 May 2023

Microsoft Build 2023 - the era of AI

The keynote shared some amazing technological advances that will change how analytics will work in the future. For me, the biggest change that had to happen, with the ever growing data volumes is the move to one copy of the data. Moving an ever growing volume of data at some point would become impossible, so really excited with todays announcements.

Satya Nadella talked on 5 of the 50+ announcements

  • Bringing Bing to ChatGPT
  • Copilot extensibility and plugins (to augment AI systems to access APIs, retrieve useful information, perform new computations and safely act on the user’s behalf)
  • Azure AI Studio
  • Azure AI Safety (Testing, Provenance, Deployment)
  • Microsoft Fabric

 Microsoft Fabric, unifying for the era of AI


Microsoft Fabric - data analytics for the era of AI

This has four main elements

  • Complete Analytics Platform (everything, unified, SaaS, Secured and governed)
  • Lake Centric and Open (OneLake, One Copy, Open at every tier)
  • Empower Every Business User (Familiar and intuitive, Built into Microsoft 365, Insight to action)
  • AI Powered ( Copilot accelerated, GPT on your data, AI-driven insights)

It is one lake , one copy and one security model. This is a massive paradigm shift enabled by AI advancement and will enable competitive advantage. As we all know AI is only as good as your data. This is a SSAS product with frictionless onboarding, instance provisioning with centralized administration. That having tenant-wide governance, centralized security management with built in compliance. There are persona optimized experiences. It is built on open formats, no longer proprietary.


There is real separation of compute and storage with one copy for all computers with universal security.  The next level is having shortcuts to the relevant data to enable ease of access. 

The era of the Copilot is here. Reimagining software development with AI. This consideres user experience, application architecture and safety and security.

In summary

Microsoft Fabric Launch Event | May 24-25

Live digital event https://aka.ms/BuildWithAnalytics

Microsoft Build 2023 Book of News provides a roadmap to all the announcements

Introducing Microsoft Fabric: Data analytics for the era of AI

The Fabric Community  

Administration, Security and Governance in Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric documentation

Introducing Microsoft Fabric

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