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Tuesday 23 May 2023

Responsible AI Maturity Models

There has been a new whitepaper from Aether Central UX Research and Education at Microsoft . They published a path to responsible AI by mapping your organisation's goals. The Responsible AI Maturity Model (RAI MM) is a framework to help organizatons identify their current and desired levels of RAI maturity.  This is a map for guidance, not a measurement tool for punitive purposes. 

The RAI MM contains 24 empirically derived dimensions that are key to an organization’s RAI maturity. There are 3 main categories Organizational Foundations,  Team Approach, RAI Practice with  5 levels

The whitepaper The Responsible AI Maturity Model (RAI MM) 

Microsoft published their Responsible AI Standard about a year ago. 

Read more here : 

Microsoft’s framework for building AI systems responsibly 

Microsoft Responsible AI Standard v2 General-Requirements

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