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Wednesday 24 May 2023

Secure, Govern and Manage in Microsoft Fabric

In the Microsoft Fabric, the data platform for the era of AI, the complete analytics platform is secured and governed.  Microsoft Purview is a suite of compliance and governance solutions that help enterprises govern their multi-Cloud and multi-platform data estate including governance of Microsoft 365 applications. Microsoft Purview unifies information protection, data governance, risk management, and compliance solutions to enable one place to manage the compliance and governance for the entire data estate. Fabric is partially integrated with third party catalog tools (Power BI) at the moment, Informatica, Callibra and Alation. This is the vision for which Microsoft Purview is a part.

Currently Microsoft Purview Data Catalog support scan of fabrics, Power BI assets, and will be expanded. There is deep integration into Fabric for Purview.  Areas coming soon:

  • Purview automatically provisioned and attached to the fabric
  • Enables discovery of data assets across the data landscape
  • Expansion to the full set of Fabric’s analytics is forthcoming
  • Browse and search assets across the hybrid data estate starting with Power BI
  • Connect Fabric artifacts with business, operational and location context
  • Data Estate Insights added throughout

Purview Data Loss Prevention Policies

This has automatic detection of upload of sensitive data, supporting trigger alerts for admins and customer policy tips for data owners.

Data owners can provide feedback using report a false positive action

Purview Information Protection for Fabric 

This enables the labelling of Fabric items with organisation sensitivity labels used in Microsoft 365 app. 

Sensitivity labels follow the data automatically as it flows from data lake to business users within Fabric to Office

Data Lineage and impact analysis

In Fabric


Data owners can endorse valuable , high quality content in Fabric to create curated sources of truth, increase their discoverability and encourage reuse. Endorsed items get higher visibility in Fabric data discovery experiences. There are 2 options

  • Certification - authorised users/groups who can certify data that meets the organisations quality stnadards
  • Promotion - content owners can promte data as a means to highlight data they find valuable and recommend for others to use. 

Microsoft Purview hub in Fabric 

This provides insights about the fabric data estate for admins and data owners. It is the entry point to advanced capabilities in Microsoft Purview Portal . 


The roadmap includes

  • Additional Fabric item types scanned to Microsoft Purview Data Catalog
  • Microsoft Purview Data Loss prevention policies for OneLake
  • Microsoft Purview policies to enforce access permissions to sensitive data in Fabric

Things covered so far including lineage, endorsement, scanner API integration with Microsoft Purview Information protection, Microsoft Purview Data Catalog, Microsoft Purview data loss prevention policies, and PurviewHub and these are just the beginning.

Further reading and watch the build session

Administration, Security and Governance in Microsoft Fabric

Secure, govern and manage your data at scale in Microsoft Fabric

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