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Friday 9 June 2023

Fabric an enabler for better data quality

 I was reading this article

How Microsoft Fabric aims to beat Amazon and Google in the cloud war and it sparked some thoughts on data quality.

Technical architectures are always changing but over the last few weeks we have witnessed a pivotal change with the introduction of Microsoft Fabric, creating a paradigm shift.  One lake has advantages of cost saving, transparency, flexibility, data governance and data quality.  Data governance and data quality are two of the areas that I feel need the most work in the data stack. Both are heavily reliant on people and how they perceive its importance. New style data governance is an enabler through distributed  teams in the business. Increased data quality is high on the list of areas that need improvement, but that has not seen any significant change with the move to cloud based services. A tool in Fabric called shortcuts helps enterprises with that single virtualized data lake across multi-clouds and is a stepping stone to better data quality.

Previously Synapse combined services into a single place for data lake and data warehouse with integrated Microsoft Purview to help with providing a greater holistic view of data. Fabric, as a SaaS service, goes one step further to provide a single place for data management and data governance on OneLake. It is enabling improved consistency and trustworthiness of data.  Bridging the gap between BI and AI  which brings with it a unique opportunity to improve data quality. Good quality data you can trust is the foundation stone of successful business growth.

There is a vast amount of documentation currently available to help us learn about Fabric. A few ket resources are below.





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